The GTA franchise is known for many things, one of them being its highly realistic worldbuilding. GTA V is no exception as it mirrors real-life Los Angelos in the form of Los Santos, down to the last-minute detail, allowing you to interact with it in very different ways. One such interaction includes being able to purchase different kinds of buildings like Labs, Bunkers, and Nightclubs in order to actually own some part of Los Santos!

However, there are some types of buildings that can not be owned in GTA V, particularly Fire Stations, even though they play some role in the main story. Let’s dig deep into how GTA V has envisioned its Fire Stations and the value they bring to the game.

What Are Fire Stations In GTA V?

The Fire Stations in GTA V are fire department building locations scattered throughout multiple neighborhoods in Los Santos. Players can access the interior of some of these Fire Stations and use them to their advantage when they can serve as effective hideouts from the LSPD or other players.

The Fire Stations in GTA V don’t essentially add up to the game’s progression in any way, although some missions do take place around them. As such, they do add to the overall experience of the game whenever they’re involved either in side quests like the Casino Heist setup.

If you’ve come across one of the many Fire Stations in the game, the common thing to notice is the presence of the firefighters within the vicinity suited in their yellow gear/uniform. Additionally, a Fire Truck might spawn in the parking area or in front of the fire station, which can be accessed by the players for some fun.

Fire Trucks At Fire Stations In GTA V

Stealing a Fire Truck from the Fire Station is a thrilling adventure when you have to batter up some firefighters and escape the cops. However, what adds to the fun is the utility of this awesome truck. 

Not only can it accommodate multiple players, but it also lets you easily mow down other players with the truck’s heavy weight or even its high-speed water hose. You can also choose to put out fires and save cars from exploding if you’re feeling like a responsible civilian.

How To Buy Fire Stations In GTA V?

Unfortunately, Fire Stations can’t be bought in GTA V through any means of transaction or as a reward from any mission. Unlike other buildings and businesses, including the Nightclub, Bunker, Clubhouse, Labs, and the SecuroServ office, the Fire Station haven’t been added as a means of business and are merely cosmetic addition to the game.

Fire Station Locations In GTA V

There are seven Fire Stations located throughout the map for players to come across, four of which are in Los Santos, and the other three can be found in Blaine County. If you’re looking for one either to check out the developer’s work or steal a Fire Truck, we’ve listed all of them below:

Rockford Hills Fire Station

This is the Headquarters of the Los Santos division of Fire Stations situated at the corner of Rockford Drive and South Boulevard Del Perro. You’ll be able to see the Fire Department Headquarters signage right above their main door. This Fire Station has three bays in front of the building, one of which might have a parked Fire Truck when you pay a visit. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the interior of this Fire Station.

Davis Fire Station

Located on Macdonald Street, this Fire Station is fully packed with exquisitely detailed features of what a Fire Station really encapsulates. You can enter the open doors of the Davis Fire Station to find a garage with three garage bays and the interior of a well-equipped Fire Station that has hoses, boxes, lockers, and fire poles.

On the front side of the station, players can find lights above the garage entrances, along with an American flag being raised in front of the station. On the back side is a tower with ladders allowing access to the top. Additionally, this very station is known to dispatch a Fire Truck between 22 00 and 06 00 to cater for an emergency situation. That’s another chance for us GTA players to steal a truck.

El Burro Heights Fire Station

Since it’s located in the richer parts of the city, this Fire Station is easily one of the biggest of all Fire Stations in the game. It is located at the intersection of Capitol Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard in El Burro Heights, next to St. Fiacre Hospital. Like the Davis Fire Station, this one also happens to have a practice tower. 

This one enables access to the interior of the station since it also features a garage that has an open entrance. It has 2 floors with 2 fire poles, a 6-appliance bay garage, and offices on the main level.

Sandy Shores Fire Station

The smallest of all is the Sandy Shores Fire Station, located on Alhambra Drive near the Sandy Shores Medical Center. Its boarded-up windows add to its shabby appearance, which implies a lack of attention toward its funding and functioning. Surprisingly, it has an accessible interior which doesn’t really pack any wonders since it’s empty. You won’t be able to find a Fire Truck over here, except only a few firefighters might be seen.

Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) Fire Station

The LSIA Crash Team Fire Station is located just inside the western gates of the airport. It uses a Los Santos Fire Department Seal and is known as the LSIA crash team, implying that this station is only operational for accidents occurring at the airport.

It has 4 closed south-facing bay doors and 3 roller doors. A burnt-out plane is used for training, but firemen are not seen using it. Players sometimes might see Fire Truck pull up to the side entrance between 10 am and 5 pm. Since this one’s at an airfield, you might also find a Ripley occasionally parked outside the building.

Paleto Bay Fire Station

Located the farthest away on the map at Paleto Boulevard, this Fire Station is responsible to put out any fires occurring in Paleto Bay and nearby areas. If you decide to visit this Fire Station, remember that you won’t be able to access the interior. Though, you might find yourself a Fire Truck randomly spawned if you’re lucky.

Fort Zancudo Fire Station

The Fort Zancudo Fire Station lies within the premises of the heavily guarded U.S. Military Airbase. The station strictly takes care of situations arising within Fort Zancudo only. Although gameplay-wise, the station is never really seen being operational.

You would be able to easily identify the building with its two control towers and satellites, unlike any other Fire Stations in the game. Additionally, a Fire Truck may be found parked in front of its four garage bay doors.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Fire Stations in GTA V don’t really serve an essential purpose in the game, which might end up halting your story or rank progression. However, their interaction and rare appearances do add a layer of immersion in the already dense experience of the game. So try stealing a Fire Truck for yourself from the locations we’ve mentioned above and find out how close to reality things turn out.