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Why Sell WoW Dragonflight Accounts?

The release of Dragonflight marks another surge in World of Warcraft's player base. The fans will find renewed interest in both new and existing content from the world of Azeroth. Aside from the new Dragon Isles region, new costumes, mounts, and pets will be introduced. There will also be new best-in-slot items that heroes can get from Raids. With so many things to acquire, account vendors can make a fortune if they can sell their characters with so many collections.

Aside from the latest additions, sellers can take advantage of a ton of other pre-existing features. Accounts can increase their value depending on how many rare items they own. Sellers can make a fortune selling their characters. However, vendors need to ensure that their accounts are desirable to ensure that they can entice people to their offer.

How To Determine and Increase the Value of WoW Accounts?

There are several things that sellers should monitor when offering their accounts to other people. The main determinants for the value are the unique collectibles and hard-to-acquire gear. Account vendors looking to obtain a sizeable profit must collect as many coveted items as possible.

For gear, there are things called best-in-slot (BiS), mainly referring to items that synergize well with specific classes. Each job relies on different sets depending on their specialization and playstyle. To maximize their profit, vendors should get the best gear for at least one DPS, one Tank, and one Healer. Providing the most substantial equipment for each role will entice any potential customer. First, plan on which classes you will be gearing up for and then learn which Raids you should spam for the BiS.

Players must be willing to spend hundreds of hours looting specific items or buying them from other gamers for unique collectibles. The majority of the items in the game can be acquired by crafting and looting from dungeons or unique monsters. Certain collectibles can no longer be obtained through normal means, such as those that are phased out.

Newer models replaced some items, making them no longer lootable. Several unique items have abysmal drop chances that players think they are just a myth or phased out. Having these items in your account can undoubtedly attract willing customers or collectors. Here are some of the rarest things that are no longer obtainable typically or have unreasonably low drop rates:

  • Brawler's Harness
  • Chromatic Sword
  • Corinthian Firestick
  • Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider
  • Big Love Rocket
  • Black Qiraji Battle Tank
  • Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
  • Miner's Hat of the Deep
  • Pendulum of Doom

All in all, the more collections you have, the higher your account's value is. Aside from items, content such as titles and achievements are also worth considering. Some of these accolades can only be unlocked through extraordinary feats, so some customers might want to buy accounts with them for bragging rights.

Sell WoW Accounts for Real Money

World of Warcraft's most recent expansion, Shadowlands, is proving to be as fun as any other expansion of the game. That means players are always scrambling for the best equipment, highest-leveled characters, and enough gold to fund their adventures.

Sellers can take advantage of that need and put up their WoW accounts for sale. They level up accounts so buyers don't have to. They hunt for the best equipment and farm all the gold the account needs, so buyers can go straight into raiding or PvP or whatever activity they want to do. It saves their time and effort, plus sellers get a tidy sum of money by doing so.

What Kind of WoW Accounts Sellers Can Offer

Of course, with different players having different preferences, they sometimes don't need a high-level character. Here are some WoW account types to consider when selling WoW accounts.

  • Geared Account - An account ready for raiding, whatever raid it is. Guilds benefit from this kind of account the most. If they're lacking a certain class, they can just get it from the seller.
  • Filler Account - Inventory management is a crucial part of playing the game. Though there are other ways to expand bank storage and inventory, an account dedicated for it can be an important resource.
  • Fresh Account - While leveling in Shadowlands has been streamlined, there's always a need for this kind of account. Whether just to try out a new class or whatever reason, it's a versatile account with various uses.

It's up to the seller, but they can also offer custom accounts. For sure, the delivery time will suffer a hit. However, as long as both parties of the trade agree, this could give good profits for the seller.

Leveling WoW Accounts

As mentioned above, Shadowlands streamlined the leveling experience. The expansion brought with it a 'level squish' where levels were adjusted to a more manageable pace. Instead of leveling to 120, the new max level cap is 60. Characters at 120 prior to the squish became level 50, and the new expansion content should bring them up to 60.

At the core, this is the leveling experience in Shadowlands. Players can either follow the quests to level up or, through the Threads of Fate system, skip the storyline entirely. What this means for sellers is that they can easily make strong accounts to restock their offers or to customize for buyers.

Where to Sell WoW Accounts

Sellers benefit the most when selling and trading on a reliable online marketplace. With its tight security, active trading community, and freedom to price their offers, it's a good place to set up shop. The marketplace guarantees the trades go smoothly, sellers are paid, and buyers get what they bought.

Still, nothing can prevent accidents from happening. Also, this kind of transaction involves sensitive data. These two facts necessitate that the seller knows the ins and outs of this kind of trading. They can do that by reading the policies, rules, and regulations of both the game and the marketplace. With this, sellers can deal with unexpected consequences properly.

Have fun and enjoy WoW Shadowlands!

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