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How Much is My Black Desert Account Worth?

Planning to sell your account off but don’t know how much it’ll go for? Well, you’ll have to look at the factors that affect pricing. How much gold does your account have? Is your character level high? Do you have any pets? There’s so much to take into consideration, to the point where it can be a doozy! Luckily, you can use our trusty tool, the Black Desert Account Value Calculator to help you out. Best of all, it’s absolutely free! You don’t even need to become a member either—anyone can use it!

Our Black Desert Account Value Calculator is perfect for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, it’s the perfect tool to use when appraising their accounts in order to know what price they should sell it for. While for buyers, the value calculator offers transparency in terms of checking the offers of the sellers. If you’re a buyer who’s a bit hesitant about buying an account because of its price, you can just use our account value calculator to gauge whether or not it’s worth the seller’s asking price. Besides that, we also have a chart that shows the average account value of Black Desert accounts from the previous year. You can use this to your advantage as you can deduce what the next trending price would be in the market as a seller. As for the buyers, it’ll ultimately help them decide when to buy an account when the price is at its cheapest.

What Makes a Black Desert Online Account Value High?

Best the amount of gold and character level, what else are the reasons why some accounts are just so expensive? Fret not, because we’ll be listing down several reasons on what makes a Black Desert Online account value so high.

Here are some of them:

  1. 1. Storage


Storage is important for every player in Black Desert Online. It is used to hold currency and items. Besides being able to store your inventory, having a large one is extremely helpful. There are three types of storage in Black Desert Online:

  • Personal Warehouses – Warehouses can be accessed or purchased by talking to one of the Warehouse managers around the world or by opening a storage box that can be rented in the vicinity of your residence. Warehouses are pricey, but you don’t have to worry about throwing out items that you need just to make space in your small bag.
  • Inventory – The inventory is something that everyone has access to when they start the game. Before anything else, this is where you’ll be storing your items for the most part.
  • Guild Warehouses – If the character in the account is part of the guild, then you’ll get to have access to guild warehouses. These can be accessed through the guild hall, and can be great for storing items that you’ve gotten during a raid.

  1. 2. Maids


So what’s all the hype about maids? Just exactly what’s so good about them? Maids or butlers are available to purchase from the Pearl Store. While they may look like your usual helpers, they actually do a lot more. There are two types or maids/butlers: Storage and Transaction Maids/Butlers.

Storage Maids/Butlers allows you to move items between your character and the warehouse. Storage maids/butlers can only store or retrieve 1 stack of items for every 20 minutes. The maid, in particular, can carry a maximum of 100 LT.

Transaction Maids/Butlers, on the other hand, can buy or sell an item for you every 20 minutes. This means that they can be used to access your Central Market Warehouse.

Other factors to consider include the following:

  • Level
  • Game Edition:

o Starter

o Traveler

o Explorer

  • Amount of Silver Coins
  • Number of Pets
  • Number of Maids
  • Storage Materials

Don’t leave the worth of your Black Desert account up to guesswork. With the Black Desert Account Calculator, you’ll get more accurate results, and in turn more value for your money!