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It’s easy to end up with something that’s not worth what you pay for. Knowing the worth of your Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Mobile, Call of Duty Cold War or Black Ops account can make a difference towards making a sale or none at all. No one likes overpriced accounts; who would pay more than a hundred dollars for an account that has only three-star characters in it?

Do the smart thing by accurately determining the value of your account by using our Call of Duty account calculator. With this tool, you’ll be able to find out just how much your Call of Duty account is worth should you decide to sell it. It’s a great tool to use if you’re planning on selling multiple accounts all at once on our website. The account calculator is one of our many tools and services that you can use free of charge! That’s right, you don’t need to shell out a single penny for this—everything is free to use at any given time.

Knowing the value of your digital assets is key to having reasonably priced wares which results in sales. While you can price your accounts higher than what’s suggested in our account value calculator, our buyers will surely take notice. Don’t forget, since this tool is free to use, even potential buyers can make use of it. Say, for example, they see an account that they’re interested in but found out through our Call of Duty account calculator that your price is higher than normal. They have two choices: negotiate the price or simply find another seller. The latter being the common response of both choices.

How Much is My Call of Duty Account Worth?

The worth of your Call of Duty account depends on how much it has going for it. For example, if you have the S-tier five-star characters, or at least one of them, then it’ll significantly increase the value of your account. Five-star characters are the rarest in Call of Duty and they’re highly lucrative. This is because not everyone has the chance to own them due to the game’s gacha system. While Call of Duty is a great free-to-play open RPG experience at the beginning, it begins to falter in the late game where you’ll need at least one five-star character to be able to keep up with the stronger enemies. There are over two dozen playable characters in Call of Duty, but unfortunately, only less than half of them give a bump to your account’s worth. If we had to pick which skins are the best in terms of rarity, it would have to be Ghost, first and foremost, for being one of the most legendary COD characters even on consoles; then, there’s Snow Force, Woodsman, Dark Vision, and True Victory. Players have a general consensus on these 5 as the best and most wanted.

Items can also determine the worth of your Call of Duty account. You can have top-of-the-line characters, but what if the weapons that they’re using aren’t that awesome? Having run-of-the-mill or common weapons not only diminishes the potential of your S-tier characters, but it also affects the overall value of your account. So don’t be cheap—invest in getting good weapons to pair with your characters! On top of looking insanely cool, the accounts with the rarest skins can be sold for a high price at shops.

Why You Should Use Our Call of Duty Account Calculator

Having the knowledge of how much your Call of Duty is worth and pricing it competitively is key to having tons of customers here in PlayerAuctions. No doubt there are a lot of sellers already within the game, but they have no inkling on how to price their wares. Instead of just coming up with a random number, it’s better to price your accounts fairly in accordance to what the suggested price that our account calculator has come up with.