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What is My GTA Account Worth?

Premium quality games can be costly. GTA V is as premium and as popular as they come. The good news is your GTA account can be worth even more money if and when you decide to sell it. That's right! All the time you've spent grinding can certainly pay off in the end. For those of you who have your eyes set on an account, we advise a little prudence. This way, you won't end up spending more than what's necessary.

Thanks to our Account Value Calculator, you won't have to rely on guesswork to put a price tag on an account. Here's a look at the factors that determine how much you should sell - or buy - a GTA V account.


The platform has a direct impact on a GTA V account's viability. Players, after all, often have their own console preference. As of now, GTA V has already sold a total of 17.48 million copies on the PS4 format whereas its overall sales on PC format \"only\" amounts to 1.32 million.


The higher the level of GTA characters, the more the account will be worth. It's that simple. It takes much time and effort to level up - in fact, we also have power leveling options that folks can avail of here at PlayerAuctions. So if you put the time in, so you should be compensated for it accordingly.


In-game resources translate to real life money. Buyers will want game characters that have deep wells of resources to draw from, causing them to shell out more cash just to get first dibs on accounts that are for sale. So think twice before you get the urge to splurge money on GTA V. Likewise, buyers should look for accounts with LOTS of in-game money.

Account Name

Naturally, personalization of an account is something that's taken into consideration. Having the option to change the name makes your account more viable - no one wants to have an account name that yells out an impersonal handle in bold letters.

There's money to be made with your GTA account. So what are you waiting for? The Grand Theft Auto series has always been rooted in money-making missions, and GTA V is no different. Take those money-making schemes right out of the monitor and into real life.

PlayerAuctions breezes through all the mathematics involved to let you know just how much you should buy or sell a GTA V account. All you have to do is key in the necessary information and we'll crunch up the numbers for you. This way, you'll be sure to get the best value for the game.