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How Much is My Overwatch Account Worth?

Even before its release, Overwatch was already one of the most anticipated games in the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter genre. With the subsequent success it enjoyed, suffice to say it's a video game that truly lived up to the hype - and it continues to do so.

Its mass appeal is undeniable as quite evident due to the fact that players from all over the globe are engaging in player-to-player transactions for Overwatch accounts. As the premier marketplace for buying, selling, and trading of online gaming products, we make it a point to find tangible ways to help players like you get the best deals possible. It's precisely for this reason that we came up with the nifty Account Value Calculator. All you need to do is type in the necessary information and it'll give you the most accurate appraisal of an Overwatch account. Here's a look at how it works!


In-game credits are essential for players to progress in Overwatch - much like other games. Fittingly so, it's one of the prime metrics by which the Value Calculator establishes a specific Overwatch account's worth so that in the end, both buyers and sellers can see eye-to-eye and agree on a price that's fair to both parties.

# of Golden Weapons

How much golden weapons an account has can significantly increase its overall value. By taking stock of an Overwatch account's total, the Calculator can adjust its estimate accordingly to give the most accurate reflection possible of an account's general worth.

# of Skins

Customization has always been at the forefront of game viability. While some may see it as a mere cosmetics upgrade, the fact remains that it's a great way to personalize the gaming experience - even if it is only in the aesthetic sense. It's because of this that accounts with multiple skin options available are more likely to fetch better prices on the trading block.


It takes quite a lot of time and effort to level characters up in a game like Overwatch. As such, it only follows logic that higher level accounts be pricier and much more in-demand. Our Overwatch Value Calculator factors account level in to give you the best price - whether you're on the buying or selling end.

Competitive Points

Just as it is with level, competitive points also bear much heft, making it a significant factor when it comes to account pricing. The higher the competitive points, the more the account will fetch out in the open trading market. Our handy calculator will make sure you're privy to an account's true worth.


The last factor that the Overwatch Account Value Calculator takes into consideration is the Matchmaking Rating an account has. As this game dynamic is indicative of both player progression and consequential regression, it promptly accounts a portion of the final value that the calculator sums up.

PlayerAuctions always looks out for your best interest and is like a seventh member of your team! By giving you the most accurate pricing possible, you can get the best deals in the player-to-player market. Simply fill in all the necessary info and you're good to go. It's a simple yet practical tool.

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