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Sell an OSRS Account  

Veteran Old School RuneScape players who no longer play the game occasionally sell their old accounts to someone who’ll get more joy out of it. Sometimes, gamers will even make, level, and then sell OSRS accounts for gamers who don’t have the time to level themselves or have very specific requirements for an account.

Who Sells OSRS Accounts?

Account sellers can be found across the web in various marketplaces. Many of these account sellers specialize in creating and trading specialized accounts such as Ironman, pures, etc. As a seller, the only thing they need to succeed is buyers, which is why they sell their accounts on sites with large communities.

What are OSRS Accounts Worth?

It’s extremely difficult to put a number or make a valuation on something that can be viewed quite subjectively. For example, some hate the idea of a strength pure and would consider it worthless, while others may value it quite highly due to the effort put into making it. Furthermore, the bank of an account can have a huge effect on its value if there are rare items or a large amount of gold within. To get an idea of what an OSRS account is worth, try using an OSRS Account Value Calculator.

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